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“Great indeed are our opportunities, great also is our responsibility”

William Wilberforce, Founding Benefactor, ۲

Please help us to provide the opportunity of a bright future to young people.

The ۲ Transformational Bursaries Fund was established in 2019 to transform young people’s futures. Through this fund we provide fully funded school places to children aged 11-18 years for whom an education at ۲ would not be possible. 

We work with local primary schools and the Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation to identify and offer places to children and young people facing challenging circumstances, who are from low income households and who qualify for free school meals.

Our evidence shows that we are having a measurable impact, transforming individual life chances and building a movement of inspirational role models. The entire School also benefits from the diversity that this programme brings to our community too. Please help us to offer this opportunity to even more children and donate today.


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